What is Modern Defense? Modern Defense is Colorado Spring's primary resource for individuals who wish to expand their knowledge, experience and certification of firearms. ‚ÄčIt is a recent start-up that is constantly growing into the business model originally planned with more classes and new products being added each year, in addition to blogs, videos, events and who knows, maybe a storefront one day!

What type of classes do you offer? Basic handgun training, concealed carry permit course, intermediate range shooting, advanced handgun course, woman only courses, and shotgun and rifle courses (coming soon - for now by request only). Email to sign up for private lessons. 

How long do classes last? All classes last approximately 4-6 hours dependent upon whether student takes classroom only portion or classroom and range time portions. Both take place conveniently at the same facilityContrary to companies who offer a classroom only approach, we feel hands-on practice in invaluable to the learning experience. Therefore, range time immediately accompanies classroom taught material at the same facility. *Range time is not mandatory to obtain your ccw certificate. * 

How much do classes cost? All courses have the option of classroom only or classroom and range time combined. Basic classroom courses cost $75, and the range portion costs an additional $20. Advanced courses cost $135, and student must already own their own firearm. 

Can I rent a firearm? Handgun rentals are available for rent at an additional cost of $20. 

Do you offer discounts? Specials are offered periodically every month! Follow our IG and Facebook pages. 

How do I sign up? Under the "courses" tab, simply select the course, day and class option you prefer, then proceed to checkout. 

Who teaches the courses? All courses are taught by Melissa, a qualified NRA certified instructor with 15+ years of extensive knowledge in the firearms industry. Occasionally, Don or Charlie substitute in for a range or classroom course. 

Who can take the course? Adults 18+ for concealed carry courses, basic handgun and 21 for advanced handgun. If you are an experienced gun owner or have no experience with firearms, we guarantee everyone will leave more knowledgeable and confident with a firearm than before. There is no limit to learning, and we assure you, you will walk away having learned something you did not know before. Our ultimate goal is to enhance our student's firearm knowledge base, attitude, and comfort level necessary to becoming a life-long, responsible gun owner.

Where are courses taught? All courses take place at a facility located 8 miles East of Colorado Springs at Dragonman's Shooting Range. Go east on Platte, turn right onto Hwy. 94, after 8 miles turn left on Curtis Rd, and take your first left onto 1200 Dragonman Drive. Once parked, enter main building, and I will greet you inside to further direct to you the classroom located south of the main building in a small independent classroom. The range portion is taught at the same location on a private instructor range. 

What if I don't see a class that fits my schedule? No problem! Shoot us an email to set up a private class. 

What should I bring to class? Classroom: Pen, paper, water, hat, weather appropriate clothing and personal handgun (if renting, we'll supply this). Range: Ear protection, eye protection, 100 rounds of your firearm caliber or .22, .380 or 9mm (for handgun rental). **Ammo, ear and eye protection available for purchase at Dragonman's at a discount with the class** 
Can I be refunded if I don't show up for class? 50% refunds are given after sign-up with 24 hours or more notice. No refunds are issued with less than 24 hours before class or after 60 days of no show/no follow-up. 4% will be deducted from the total for processing fees. 

Can I make up a class? Yes, but after three cancellations, you forfeit the class and need to pay to re-register. No refunds are given after a third cancelled or missed class. 

Can I pay in person? Yes. You have the option of paying with cash, card or check in person. However, online sign-up is recommended. 

Is a waiver required? Yes. Everyone will need to complete a liability waiver on site the day of class.

Product shipping: Products ship out 1-3 days from time of ordering.

Product refunds/ exchanges: Refunds and exchanges are allowed within 30 days but customer is required to pay to ship if ordered incorrect item to: 1200 Dragonman Drive, Colorado Springs, CO. 80929. If incorrect item was shipped due to our mistake, a pre-paid label will be emailed to ship back. 

Sale Items: NO RETURNS/ NO REFUNDS - All Sales are final. 
How can I contact Modern Defense? We can be reached by email at moderndefense1@gmail.com or by phone at (719) 683-2200

What are your hours of operation? The best time to contact Modern Defense is Tuesday - Friday between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. If we do not answer, leave us a message, and someone will return your call as soon as possible!