Q Bottle Rocket Enhancer for Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brake

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“Yo dawg, I heard you like muzzle brakes for your muzzle brake?!”

The Bottle Rocket is an enhanced brake for use with our Cherry Bomb muzzle brake.

The Bottle Rocket features a taper for proper alignment, and installs with an off the shelf 1/2 inch socket.


  • WEIGHT:  2.6 oz.

Note: Not compatible with 9MM


A wide range of outside diameters for 1/2 inch sockets.  1/4 inch drive sockets are generally the best for the Bottle Rocket, though 1/2 inch drive sockets work as well.

Here are some links to confirmed compatible sockets.

McMaster-Carr Item #  5543A29
Lowe’s Item # 337780 Model # 85489