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• Fully Adjustable Carbine Buttstock assembly to mount to a carbine rifle (6-positions mil-spec or commercial tube) – This is our carbine stock
• Additional 1" height on cheek rest
• 3-axis Adjustable Butt Plate Assembly extends additional 1 1/16" length of pull and includes the following movement:
1. Horizontal for linear adjustment (i.e. length of pull)
2. Vertical for a perfect butt plate fit into the curvature of the shoulder.
3. Lateral adjustment for a ½ inch left or right cast
4. This butt plate assembly is interchangeable with the original MBA-1 Buttstock
• Includes a Picatinny Rail on the bottom rear of the Stock Body to attach your choice of many accessories.
• Designed a flat bottom index set screw (10-24) to eliminate that constant rattle of carbine collapsible buttstock. This also allows you to secure the stock in your favorite position.
• The Black MBA-3 comes with a medium soft rubber recoil pad, Duro 85.
• The FDE MBA-3 comes with a FDE hard butt plate as a pad. A Black medium soft rubber recoil pad is available for additional purchase.
• The Luth-AR MBA-3 weighs roughly half that of comparable stocks coming in at just 18.5 ounces.
• Fits all .223 and most .308 AR carbine style rifles
• Super Strong Glass Filled Nylon
• Easy to replace and quick to install
• Uses 4 out of the 6 positions on a mil-spec or commercial tube

• Ergonomic
• Adapts To Existing Commercial and Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes
• Certain after Market Commercial Buffer Tubes that exceed 1.172" diameter, may not fit
• The MBA-3 and MBA-4 are available in Black or Flat Dark Earth
• The vertical struts for the MBA-3 are fixed, therefore the cheek piece is not reversible like the MBA-1 however the cheek piece itself is designed with a cheek pad for left-handed use
• Caution: the MBA-3 and MBA-4 Carbine buttstocks are not designed to be used with Large Bore Calibers such as .338 Lapua or .50 BMG applications. See our MBA-1 and MBA-2 Rifle buttstocks as alternatives.
• The MBA-3 Carbine buttstock is NOT interchangeable with A2 standard buffer tube. You will need to purchase a MBA-1 or MBA-2 Rifle buttstock to fit A2 tubes