Blackhawk Sportster Traverse Track Bipod 6-9

Blackhawk Sportster Traverse Track Bipod 6-9"

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BLACKHAWK, Sportster Traverse Track Bipod, 6-9", Black

  • Horizontal traverse for smooth target acquisition and tracking
  • Pivot action for level shooting on uneven terrain

Product Description

This Blackhawk Sportster TraverseTrack Bipod combines pivot and traverse functions with a time-tested bipod design. The Traverse Pivot Bipod is an industry first. The new horizontal traverse feature allows you to steadily track a moving target or change from target to target without repositioning the firearm. And when you're shooting on an uneven surface" the pivot action lets you swivel the firearm to either side" giving you a level shooting platform. It has a durable all-metal construction with robust tubular legs. It has a rapid-adjust lever lock and spring-return telescoping legs- 6" to 9" and easily attaches to a sling swivel stud.