X Drill



 Platform: Rifle, pistol or shotgun 

Free target: FBI QIT-99 Target by Targets4Free

Demo video: https://youtu.be/gkinkQgPiSo

Shot timer options: Shooting Illustrated | 5 Best Shot Timers On the Market Today

  • Two 3 x 5 index cards and two 8-inch circles, or any target with a defined head and body area
  • Distance: 7-yards (pistol); 10-yards (rifle)
  • Rounds: 16 rounds
  • Start Position: Holster (pistol); ready position (rifle)
  • Score/Par Time: N/A

Designed by the late Todd Green, this drill works on target transitions and helps shooters regulate the balance between accuracy and speed necessary to get hits against different size and distance targets.

Create two targets, A and B. Each target will have a 3×5 card as a head zone, and an 8″ circle as a body zone.

From the 7-yard line (pistol) or 10-yard line (rifle), starting from the holster (pistol) or ready position (rifle), fire two rounds at each target zone in an “X” pattern. Repeat the drill four times, starting with a different zone each time if desired. 

  1. A-head, B-body, A-body, B-head
  2. B-head, A-body, B-body, A-head
  3. B-body, A-head, B-head, A-body
  4. A-body, B-head, A-head, B-body

**Incorporate a magazine change after the first two zones for added challenge. 

Pairs fired at large body zones should be faster than pairs fired at small head zones. Shooters should learn to adjust their cadence to get off shots as fast as they can appropriate to the range and size of the target.

If your headshots are just as fast as your body shots and you’re getting all hits, you need to be taking the body shots faster. Shoot at the speed the target allows. You can carry out the same drill with a rifle at the high or low-ready from the 10-yard line.