Strong Hand - Weak Hand Drill

It’s likely in any self-defense situation, you may need to default to using one hand to draw and shoot your firearm. Whether you’re on the phone with one hand calling 911 or have a bag full of groceries, any concealed carry permit holder should practice shooting one handed drills. 

The drill is simple, load six rounds in one mag. Then, fire three shots with your dominant hand, switch hands, then fire three shots with your non-dominant hand. 

The correct stance should be with the side of your body to the target and arm parallel with your shoulder. You’ll have better recoil management this way instead of just simply bringing your arm up right in front of you. 

At first, it will not feel great with your non-dominant hand, but over time you will learn to mitigate the recoil and become more comfortable with this drill. 

It will feel even more uncomfortable with a revolver, so try to do it with your dominant hand the first couple of times to get a feel for one-handed recoil.

Ideally, the ultimate goal is to get all six shots off accurately and under six seconds.

Free target:


Shot timers: