Reacquisition Drill

Reacquisition Drill

(Any Firearm Platform)


YouTube Demo:

Any good shooter will tell you one of the most important fundamentals of shooting is keeping your sights on target for a desirable target outcome. This drill will test your ability to acquire sight picture and require it in a short amount of time. 


Drill: Ideally, this drill should be done at 10-15 yards with a handgun or shotgun and at least 20-25 starting yards with a rifle. 

Start from low ready, on the timer beep, bring your platform up and fire one round. Bring down to low or high ready. Without a que, bring up again, reacquire sight picture and fire off one quality shot. Repeat this step for six shots. 

**Keep your finger off the trigger immediately after each shot when you bring firearm down to low or high ready.  

Goal: Hit all six paper targets in under 9 seconds. Steel plates can be used as well. The goal is to be as accurate and fast as possible. This can be hard at first. If you miss any shots, start all over again. 


Added challenge: Incorporate a pole, trash can, chair, table, etc you can cycle back and forth behind. This will teach efficient footing technique. Ideally, you don't want crossing of the feet but side to side. Be square to the target but feet much wider than hip width. 

**Magazine changes always welcome for added challenge as well. 


If you compete in matches or just want to get sight picture on target quickly, this is the drill you need to practice over and over until you've nailed it. 

Free TRex Arms Target: