Holiday Gun Lover Gift Ideas: His and Hers


  1. Gift of education and self-defense: Let’s get her educated first!

Training Gift Certificate: Purchase a firearm class and have a gift certificate mailed to the person with "do not open until "date" from "sender" with coupon code to sign up when it's convenient for the recipient. Only for Colorado residents:

Range and rental package: She will definitely need to try before she buys! For Colorado residents, purchase a gift card to Dragonman's Shooting Range or find a range in your area!


  1. Apparel: Because what girl doesn’t love new clothes!  

Camo Leggings:

Camo Joggers:

Poncho Scarf:

Go-to Range Hoodie:

Range Shirt:

Workout Tank:


  1. Holster’s, body bands, belts or mag carriers: For when she finally finds the gun that’s right for her, she’s going to need at least one of these..

Freedom Holsters: - Let her design her own holster! Use code "modern1" for 20% off at checkout!

Little Gat:

Well-Armed Women:


  1. Training supplies: To build up her confidence! 

Snap caps: I recommend the spring loaded snap caps:

Training guns: OR

Range bag:


  1. Jewlery: Every woman loves accessories

2a Jewels: Personally love their Classic Halo necklace or earing set in rose gold plating. DM their page for ordering: or view more designs on Instagram at @2A_Jewels 

Many more options:




  1. Guns (duh!):

Gift Cards: Many questions surround whether an individual can legally buy a firearm for another person. To avoid an hesitation, many gun stores and ATF recommend just giving a gift card. This way, the recipient can still get the exact gun they want, and there’s no confusion on who’s the “actual buyer of the intended firearm”

For more info on gifting guns, find here:

Custom Dragon Lower:

Dragon Complete Rifle


  1. Apparel: Don't lie guys, you love new clothes too ;)

Dragon Shirts: (camo is my fav):

Khyber Custom Lid:


  1. Accessories: (Second favorite to getting a new gun)


Luth-AR MBA3 AR Stock:

Sig conversion kits: If they have the P320 series:


AK parts:


  1. Holsters: Design it to fit his unique self

Every guy needs a holster if he owns a handgun. Get him a custom designed kydex holster to his the specific gun he owns by and use code “modern1” for 20% off.

Side note- These may not get here before Christmas, but leave a note in a box and simply wrap up. When it comes, it’s like the gift that keeps giving J


  1. Training supplies: Everyone can always use some extra practice.. 

Snap caps: I recommend the spring loaded snap caps:

Training guns: OR

Range bag:


  1. An Experience: Dragonman’s Military Museum and full-atuo rental: If your man is like most men, he’s probably into history or the experience of a full-auto.

Tours: Tour season doesn’t open until April but Dragonman’s military museum in Colorado Springs is worth the wait. For tickets, visit:

Full Auto's: Don’t forget to schedule a full-auto rental while you’re there or plan your visit during the annual machine gun shoot the second weekend in September every year: Gift certificates: